Making Plans and Keeping it Simple

I know it’s a little late, but it’s still January so I guess wishing you a Happy New Year is still appropriate! Hopefully you’ve had a good start to the year and are managing to keep those resolutions!

Once again I’ve vowed to keep on top of the blog (you’re reading this aren’t you?) and to get fit (currently on week 3 of the Couch to 5K plan); so far so good….

Another of my resolutions was to sit down and make plans for LollaMac for the year ahead. Last year saw lots of change at LMHQ and I’m happy to have finally found my direction. The Christmas season went really well, and I received so many positive comments about my work that I ended the year on a real high. I now feel I have a firm foundation on which I want to build by business.

Unfortunately, rather than feeling really excited about all of this, I found myself feeling rather overwhelmed by the enormity of what’s to do. I attempted to use a rather fancy ‘dream planner’ which I was given last year, but when I opened it up and started looking at page after page of boxes to fill in, I just found it all a bit too much. I started to worry that my lack of business acumen, and my propensity to overthink and then worry about a situation, was going to be my undoing before I had even got started. So I put it all away, ignored it for a few days and suffered a few restless nights.

Eventually I decided that this was all a bit silly. Surely a simple plan is better than none at all? So I did what I know best and drew upon some practice from my teaching days, carrying out a “WWW/EBI” (What went well / Even better if) reflection on my successes and could-have-done-betters from 2016. When I distilled everything down, it fell nicely into six goals which will help me grow LollaMac over the coming year. Nothing groundbreaking, just simple, do-able, and hopefully effective. I then broke these goals down into smaller objectives with anticipated timescales for completion. Once I was happy with all this, I opened up a new notebook and wrote it all down. 

So now I know what I’m aiming for and how I plan to get there. And I’m really excited about the journey.

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