Oh, how time flies….

Despite all the best intentions I had a year ago (yes, a year and a day since my last post in which I said I would be blogging regularly! Where has the time gone?), it would appear that I really haven’t got the hang of this blogging lark. I’ve thought about it on many occasions, in fact I have regularly thought out interesting and witty observations on events which have happened over the year, but they have remained in my head as something always got in the way and I never quite got round to writing them down.

It’s been an interesting year, not especially easy and at times rather stressful. Thoughts of why am I doing this? Am I good enough? Will I ever sell enough? Am I ever going to earn enough to make up for the salary I once had? Was teaching really so bad? (OK, so the answer to that last one is a no brainer.) I have lacked motivation and had periods of real self-doubt, but I’ve kept trying and think I have finally turned a corner.

The biggest change over the last year is the direction my designs have taken. Not that I wasn’t happy with what I was producing a year ago, but I just feel the jewellery that I am now designing and making is so much more, well, me. I have been so inspired by the work and research I did for my Silversmithing class (I am now a Level 2 qualified Silversmith! I know!) and was keen to start bringing that into LollaMac. I discovered that I LOVE mixed metals, marrying copper and brass with sterling silver to create simple, yet striking, pieces of jewellery with a contemporary edge. I have moved my workspace into the garage and now spend my time sawing, stamping, hammering, soldering, sanding and polishing. The feedback I have received so far for my new collection has been fantastic and a real boost to my confidence. I now know that I AM doing the right thing, I AM good enough, given time I WILL sell enough, and no, I probably won’t earn enough to make up for the salary I gave up but that’s OK, because life is now better in so many other ways.

My biggest challenge now is to build a following and look for outlets through which to sell my work; maintaining this blog will be a big part of that so I need to pull my finger out! I am currently stocked in two gift shops which is great, and I hope to add to that over coming months. My Etsy shop is taking shape, though it is something of a battle to make myself seen amongst the thousands of other jewellery sellers and certainly something that needs regular tweaking. One of my targets for the coming year will be to build my own online shop, which is both daunting and exciting. I think I’m going to be kept busy anyway!

Until next time…. Cxx



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