New Beginnings

Hello, and welcome to the world of LollaMac, my brand new venture and first foray into the world of creativity. To be honest, it all feels a bit strange as I didn’t set out for my career to head in this direction. However, after a few twists and turns throughout the last 20-something years, here I am, starting up my own business, designing and handcrafting my own range of costume jewellery.

My career has taken me from an Aeronautical Engineering degree to here, via being a Quality Engineer for various electronics companies and teaching maths in a secondary school. When looking back, it seems I have a 12 year itch when it comes to careers. So, who knows what 2027 will bring, (at one time I’d have hoped early retirement, but can’t see that happening these days), though I rather hope I’m running a successful business by then so wouldn’t want to change!

I have to say I’m really excited about what lies ahead. I have no formal training (though I have recently started silversmithing, about which you will hear more later) and am entirely self-taught (thanks YouTube!). My own jewellery collection is growing from all the ‘seconds’ I have created; from a customer’s point of view though that should be a good thing as it means I am only prepared to sell the good stuff.

So …. watch this space for musings and mutterings as LollaMac grows from her new beginnings.



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